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Skelletones is and always has been all-ages.

No drugs or alcohol permitted.

133 S. Division, next to Vertigo Music.

Doors @ 7 unless noted. Out by midnight.

Please bring proof of vax w/ photo ID, clear Covid test or a mask.

looking for young blood


Get out of your parent's basement and onto our stage! Click the pic for details.

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friday, october 22


Emotional and catchy, front to back. Pop. Punk. Emo. And now it's stuck in your head. You'll kick yourself later if you miss this $5 show. Cheap!

saturday, october 23


The well-seasoned and meticulously talented Charles The Osprey (for fans of Cloudkicker, Animals as Leaders, Lights At Sea, Explosions in the Sky) makes my brain melt every tine I listen. Huron Fire (for fans of Still Remains, UnderOath) is coming to town plus You And Them (for fans of The Juliana Theory, Wolves At The Gate) and JUST ADDED: Rip VanRipper!

friday, october 29


SKA! SKA! SKA! SKA! Halloween Weekend is always one of our favorites and this year we hope to highlight some youngbloods to the Skelletones stage. Break out the checkered shoes, Betty - we're going downtown!

saturday, october 30

Hardcore Punk Halloween Par-tay!

Halloween is definitely our favorite day of the year! We party-plan accordingly and you won't be disappointed. Raw, tight bands all night long!

friday, november 5

Indie Goes POP!

Fans of Cavetown should dig Anthony Erlandson, plus a night of gritty, Grand Rapids indie rock!

saturday, november 6

Slow & Low

Grungy, dirty, heavy - it's all in there!

friday, november 12

Heavy Heavy Heavy Light

Jules Camp brings her quirky pop to our little stage and we promise - you won't be disappointed. And then it gets heavy with Fire, Said The Albatross, Norfair, SlugChild and Blisshead. How is this still only $5?

saturday, november 13


A night of blues, acoustic & rock & roll!

saturday, november 20

The Big Show

We can thank Luke from Roundhouse for setting this up. Heavy sing alongs all night! Gumm from Ohio (post hardcore), En Love (for fans of Candy, DropDead) from Tennessee, plus Peace Offering, Ugly Flannel and Split Up. $8 @ door.

friday, november 26


What a better day to celebrate capitalism than with a punk rock meets metal show! The legendary Rise Into Ruin, our new friends in Mooch Globe and Ted & The Bundies, plus the amazing old-school thrash sounds of Chain Ripper (trust us) and Eric Browning of THE SEQUOIA OUTLAWS will open us up with his new project PENNINSULAS!

saturday, december 4


Noon - midnight. No show on Friday in preparation for this one! Big thanks to Brett from Prison Suicide for all his hard work and dedication to make this happen!

coming this winter


It's an old-school battle of the bands! Get out of your parent's basement and onto our stage! Click for more info.

saturday, january 8


We're sooooo looking forward to having punk rock legends The Cryptics in the house!

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"There came a moment in the middle of the song when she suddenly felt every heartbeat in the room & after that she never forgot she was part of something much bigger"-Brian Andreas

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